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sâmbătă, septembrie 25, 2010

How to prepare a coaching discussion

Din seria articolelor in limba engleza nepostate pe e-How
autor Mirela Vasluian
- Business NLP, Competent Consulting,
- propria experienta de manager acumulata in perioada 2000-2010

Article 1: How to prepare a coaching discussion
Confidence is the key...
Do you have people in your team you cannot work or communicate with? Or maybe you have in your team excellent communicators unable to perform?
Some of the managers use extreme measures like kicking out under performers based on performance evaluation, other managers work themselves twice harder to be sure the team will be successful.
Based on my experience you can coach people to reach better performance or to help them understand their situation.  Coaching people is not difficult, in fact is quite easy if you have an open heart and confidence in people.
First step is understanding why do you want to coach the employee. This will take you 15 minutes and can be done wherever you feel inspired. Is very important to judge what you are doing is something very creative and you are doing this because you want to try something new. Be curious and playful.
You can do it waiting to enter a client office, or while you are listening music, whatever makes you feel relaxed and creative.

1.Clear your mind of any other concerns, deadlines, projects, etc.
3. Ask yourself what do you want to obtain after the coaching session?
4. Ask yourself what do you know about your coachee?
5. Ask yourself again what do you want to discover during the discussion.

 Write down your answers as they come. Keep the piece of paper to be read again after the first coaching session in order to verify if you get answers to your preparation questions or if you conducted the discussion close to what you wanted to obtain.
 Second step is preparing a coaching form or a coaching discussion plan. The coaching form I have used very successful is based on NLP (neurolingvistic programming. The form is a piece of paper with 9 questions who can be used for conducting the discussion. The form will be detailed in the next article entitled "How to run a coaching discussion."
 Last step is announcing your employee you want to have a friendly and open discussion with him or her. You have to think also how to inform the employee about the reason of the discussion. You can say that you want to meet him or her because you saw him or her very concerned in the past few days and you want to find out if you can help.
 Also part of the preparation is your mindset. You have to be very convinced that you are doing this because you care about your employee's future in your team. Be as empathic as possible thinking how do you want to be approached by your boss in a similar situation. Leave the coachee to chose the better date for your first discussion. If you have time and resources organize the discussion outside the office, having a cup of tee or coffee. Choose a quiet place when you two can discuss openly about the situation. I guarantee he or she will feel much better. Do not be afraid you will loose your authority or you will be considered a weird boss. People appreciate when they feel secure and this is what you want also in order to obtain their full commitment to the objective.
In brief when you think to coach a member of yor team do not forget the followings:

 Coaching people is easy if you have an open heart and confidence in people.

 First step is understanding why do you want to coach the employee.

 A coaching form (template) is important and can consist in 9 simple questions (check article 2: How to conduct a coaching discussion)

 Announce the discussion and plan together with the employee the date of the discussion.

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