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sâmbătă, septembrie 25, 2010

How to communicate through all senses

Din seria articolelor in limba engleza nepostate pe e-How, autor Mirela Vasluian
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Articol 3: How to communicate through all senses

Have you ever wondered why some of us understand better visuals than written explanations?
Have you noticed there are people you instantly feel connected with?
We perceive the world wearing very similar or very different “glasses"?
The fact is most people perceive external world using one dominant sense. We can use as dominant sense the vision, the hearing, the movement sense and the formal internal processing (using reading and writing).
Based on the favorite sense there were described four types of people:

  • Visual type (preference = vision)

  • Hearing type (preference = hearing)

  • Kinesthetic type (preference = moving and manipulating)

  • Formal text processing type (preference = reading and writing)
The most exciting discovery was that each type has certain appearance and behavior.
A visual person will be often a thin person with a loud and sharp tone of voice, speaking rapidly and using extensively index finger in support to the speaking. A visual person will use very often expressions like: “It can be seen”, “I see”, etc.
In opposition with a visual person, a kinesthetic person will appear to be rather round than thin. The body posture will be relaxed. The tone of voice will be deep. A kinesthetic will talk using a lot of pauses and the hands will be often positioned on the heart or abdomen. The favorite expression is “I feel”.
The hearing type has a very musical tone of voice. Speaking has a particular rhythm. A hearing person often has the head slightly bent aside and the movements of the body indicate the rhythm sense. He or she can tap the rhythm with the fingers or count using the fingers. The favorite expression is “I hear”.
The formal text processing type has very often the tendency to interrupt visual contact during conversation. This is a signal to the other speaker he or she is a persons with special communication needs. Formal text processing persons are having as life motto <<I need to understand! >>. They can extract in seconds the essential ideas from the most complicated text.
As a conclusion next time when you will meet a new person you like, pay attention to what appearance the person has and you will probably discover your sense preference is the same.
Second conclusion: if you see someone writing down a lot make sure you don't waste energy to find out why he or she is doing this? Most probably you are dealing with a formal text processing person.

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